Diet power DNA test: Eat for Your DNA

3 hour visit, $180 + GST (includes menu, nutrition consult, goal assessment and cooking each week. Groceries not included but a grocery list will be provided) Upon initial registration, you will be emailed Intake Forms for more info.

How it works:
​--You provide a saliva sample, either in person with me,  or a kit can be mailed to you
​--Your sample is immediately sent to a laboratory in Canada, 100+ genetic markers are tested, and the results are returned to me to review within 3-5 weeks. The system tests are 99.9% accurate 
​--Your privacy is important! Results are only shared between you, me and the lab keeps them for 1 year under a barcode
​--I analyze the results and review with you the foods to avoid, foods to include and advice on lifestyle factors that can be affected by your genetic make up  

Once test is purchased, you will be contacted with instructions. This service is available in-person or a test can be mailed to you. Specify your preference in notes at checkout. For both options, a shipping charge of $7.95 is added to the price to cover the cost of the swab shipped to the lab and fees. 

$398 CAD + S/H + tax 

or, forego the nutrition consult and order just the test yourself. Use code NEXTBITE for free shipping here.

Not in Vancouver? Work with me online: Each week, receive a customized menu tailored to you, personally. Based on your dietary preferences (no gluten or dairy, reduced sugar, vegetarian, etc), I will put together a meal plan which includes a few new meals each week, and put them on rotation. This will allow you to batch cook, use leftovers for lunches, and always have healthy choices on the front of your mind. 
Plus, we will reach out daily for accountability, questions and support in other areas of wellness. I am available to you via text and email for fitness support, holistic health service recommendations, sleep and stress support. 

What do I expect from you? Daily or weekly nutrition and fitness check-ins via MyFitnessPal, if you are working with me as your Virtual Nutritionist, and lots of questions along the way! I am here to support you and keep you on track. I also recommend a minimum commitment of 6 weeks to develop new habits and really feel the effects of using your food as medicine for the mind and body.​

To get set up, we will have a phone call together to review your goals and intake forms (these will be emailed to you). The following week, you can expect your first weekly meal plan via email.

Payment: The initial set up for the weekly Virtual Nutritionist is $50 (intake forms, goal setting, phone call) and each week of support is $60, due the week prior. For convenience, we can put you on a weekly subscription payment option. 

Let's get started! Sign up below. I will email your intake forms and to schedule our initial call.
The best investment you can make is in yourself.​​

Eat for Your DNA (Diet-focused test + nutrition consult)

Natural Baby Products 101 ~ A DIY Workshop

Eat Clean Live Clean - 4 Week Online Program STARTS FEB 18

SkinDNA test + 30min consult

Vancouver Wellness Concierge:  I am your go-to resource for all things health and wellness during your stay in Vancouver. Let me curate a list of must-do's, holistic practitioners, farmer's markets, organic grocers, healthy restaurants to suit your dietary needs, natural skin care shopping in the area where you will be staying. If you have a kitchen, we can have nutritionist-approved meals prepared right in your home. And, if you happen to get sick while on vacation, our Flu Fairy can deliver our specially curated Holistic Care Package to speed your healing. Click here to request an a la carte wellness menu of services and pricing or fill out the Holistic Care Package order form for delivery. 

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Once test is purchased, you will be contacted with instructions. This service is available in-person or a test can be mailed to you. Specify your preference in notes at checkout. For both options, a shipping charge of $7.95 is added to the price to cover the cost of the swab shipped to the lab and fees. 

​$249 CAD + S/H + tax

The SkinDNA test takes the guesswork out of skincare, providing you with a clear choice as to which skincare products, ingredients, supplements and topical treatments are right for you.  16 genetic markers are tested in these categories:

Firmness & Elasticity 
Sun Damage & Pigmentation
Free Radical Damage
Sensitivity & Inflammation

"Cook With Me": Vancouver meal prep, nutrition consults and weekly support

Learn all about which chemicals to avoid in baby products, what their effects on health are, and discover ways to make your own products out of common ingredients you might find in your pantry.

We will make 3 products in a 90 minute class

  • calendula-infused baby oil to use for massage or all over the body after a bath
  • herbal oat bath tea to soothe and moisturize skin, and relax baby before bed
  • natural tea tree deodorizer pucks to use in the diaper pail

All packaging, ingredients, handouts and recipes are included. These workshops are held in your home or space, equipped with a table, seating and power. We bring the rest! $45 per person, minimum 8. Available in the Vancouver Lower Mainland.​

How it Works:

"Cook With Me" Sessions: Each week, receive a menu of 2 snacks and 2 mains suited to your wellness goals and dietary preferences. Together, we will prepare the meals in your kitchen and evaluate your wellness goals weekly. This service helps you build healthy cooking habits, increase your knowledge of nutrition, and lets you have nutritious, prepared food on hand.​​

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Next Bite Nutrition Coaching ~ Holistic Health + Wellness Concierge

Holistic Nutrition + Wellness Concierge Services

5 session bundle, $800 + GST (save $100)

1 personalized DNA  report specific to diet and how your body processes foods (approx 70 pages ) emailed to you, plus a personalized dietary summary based on your results. The test includes results for:
--Diet Management: How your body burns fat, your sensitivity to carbohydrates and insulin, your cholesterol regulation, and your protein requirements to help determine your optimum diet
--Weight Response: Your body’s ability to control body mass index (BMI)
--Food Tolerances: Your tolerances to alcohol, caffeine, salt, lactose, gluten and sugar cravings
--Food Taste and Preferences: Your preference for caffeine, carbohydrates, fats and protein. Your taste ability for bitter, salt, sweet tastes, as well as smoking behavior
--Vitamins and Supplements: Your need for vitamins including vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin B9 (folate), vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E as well as your need for supplements such as Calcium, Iodine, Iron, Omega 3 and Omega 6 to stay healthy.your food tolerances, metabolism, vitamin requirements & biological processes

--PLUS a max 1 hour,  in-person or skype consult to review your DNA results and learn about which foods to include or leave out of your diet, based on your test results