Join me for a fun and informative Food On Your Face workshop on greening your home and body. In this 90 minute class, learn about

  • chemicals to watch out for in products and around the home
  • the effects of chemicals on your different organs and body systems
  • healthy alternatives and common pantry ingredients you can use as substitutes
  • a handout with recipes for 'green' home cleaners and natural body care

PLUS, we will make 2 products together: 
Coffee, Mint + Cocoa Body Scrub (seen in the Wall Street Journal and Global BC)

Herbal-infused Face Serum

Price is per person. Contact me for more info.

Have you considered making your workplace more holistic? This 1 hour Lunch n' Learn seminar helps turn your workplace into a calm environment with the use of some holistic tools:

  • learn how to create a personal mantra to relieve stress 
  • be guided through a 5 minute coffee break meditation with breathwork
  • get up, turn off and move! Learn some easy stretching techniques to relieve stress and get your blood pumping
  • beyond coffee: learn which snacks provide the most energy to get you through your work day
  • handout included

This interactive class is available in the Lower Mainland, Vancouver. 

7 Day Smoothie + Soup Re-set

Beyond Coffee: A Holistic Coffee Break Seminar for Professionals

"I am very impressed with your program. I always love trying ones - especially for new recipes but yours is very nicely put together - easy to read - just clean. I enjoy that." Stacey M.

"I must say, I really like the simplicity of the recipes and, of course, the nutritious ingredients."

"Thank you for sharing these tools that so often get overlooked." Emilie

Want to bring a workshop or seminar into your space? Contact me!

Her Next Bite: Holistic Food Literacy Seminar for Vancouver Teenage Girls 

Next Bite Nutrition Coaching ~ Holistic Health + Wellness Concierge

"The highest prevalence of eating disorders is among female adolescents."

Canadian Consensus on Female Nutrition

Some health insurance plans cover Nutritionists or Nutrition Consulting Services by a Registered Nutritionist. You will be issued a receipt for this plan to submit to your insurance provider.

Free Wellness Tool

$695 + GST

How it works:
​--You order the test and provide a saliva sample
​--Your sample is immediately sent to a laboratory in Canada, 100+ genetic markers are tested, and the results are returned to via email. The system tests are 99.9% accurate 

Use code NEXTBITE for free shipping here. Optional 1 hour consult to review your results is available with me at $99. 

Soup and Smoothie diet

This package gives you a solid foundation for setting sustainable habits and kickstarts a healthy lifestyle.


  • Initial 30 min phone call to discuss goals, current diet, lifestyle and health
  • 4 bi-weekly personalized meal plans with recipes (all suited to your wellness goals and dietary preferences)
  • 30 min weekly accountability check-ins via phone (also requires you to upload your diet diary and daily checklist that I create for you) for 8 weeks to review your meals, fitness, self care and progress
  • unlimited text/email for your questions, recipe links and more
  • FREE copy of my 7 Day Smoothie + Soup Re-set program

Healthy, Set, Go! The 8 Week  "All-in" Package ~ available online in US/Canada or in-person in Vancouver

Holistic Nutrition + Health Coaching, Wellness Seminars and More

Diet power DNA test: Eat for Your DNA

Monthly Subscription to build your holistic wellness database 
Every first of the month, receive an email with

  • a new healthy recipe (always refined sugar and dairy-free) with gluten-free and vegetarian options
  • an inspirational tool or tip for self care, incorporating sleep habits, stress management and movement ideas
  • a vitamin/nutrient profile with ways to incorporate it into your meals and benefits for health
  • a green living (beauty/home) recipe or healthy swap so you can start to detoxify your body with healthier choices

Help yourself stay on track with your wellness journey with a daily reminder of WHY and HOW you will reach your goals. Save this wallpaper screen to your phone (right click and save image from your phone) and mentally fill in the blanks daily.

  • Define your WHY
  • Identify your obstacles and know their risks
  • What sacrifices will you make to reach your goal?
  • Reassess your goal daily, weekly, monthly
  • What self care practices will you implement? Only you can make the time for yourself.

Nutrition and exercise go hand in hand on your wellness journey. It is not a quick fix, it is just that...a journey. Develop a healthy lifestyle with me. Contact me to set up your plan.

$5/month                                                 No commitment, unsubscribe anytime.

DIY Skin Care Workshops

Eat for Your DNA (Diet-focused test)

Kickstart digestion, healthy habits, weight loss, reduce bloating, improve skin, boost immunity, cleanse toxins and balance blood sugar by sticking to a menu of healthy soups and smoothies for a week.

This 7 day program includes:

  • foods to avoid
  • an outline of what to eat in a day, including a list of foods to choose from
  • recipes for healthy smoothies and soups for the week
  • tips to optimize digestion and what to expect while on the program

Once the program is purchased, you can expect an email with the downloadable pdf within a few business hours (M-F 9-5 PST)

"The recipes were a nice variety...the program was well laid out! I was mostly impressed with what you got for what you paid" a happy client.

Not sure where to begin, how we can work together,  or perhaps you are looking to learn a little more about nutrition? 

Book in to see me for a 30 minute nutrition consultation at Nature's Fare Market in White Rock or Langley, BC,  and join me for monthly in-store wellness seminars on the latest in digestion, diet trends, supplements, meal prep, healthy snack ideas, holistic health and wellness. 

Click here to book your appointment

Improve productivity, morale, mental wellness and reduce stress in your office. Contact me to book your Lunch n' Learn. 

$225 + GST

$7.95 + GST      Available soon

Next Bite Nutrition Coaching on Facebook

Free 30min Nutrition Consult + Wellness Seminars

When you look back at your teen self, do you feel like you had any nutrition knowledge? What would you say to your younger self about nutrition that could set you up for a healthy future? If you are a parent, school, retreat, camp or community centre, you will want to bring this holistic food literacy program in for your teenage girls. 

During this seminar, we will go over important topics that are directly related to girls approaching, or in their teens. This is a sensitive time for girls and nutrition plays a key role. Body image, hormones, skin health, energy and focus during school, and a healthy body weight are areas that are directly affected by proper nutrition. 

The program runs as a 75 minute seminar which can be run during a school periods, or brought in as a special event for teenage girls at day camps, retreats, workshops, or PAC fundraisers.  The topics covered are:

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"Thank you for showing us the tools we need on a daily basis. I never knew the power of meditation!

"Your presentation was full of solid info that is easy to action.  The 4 ‘M’s approach provided a lot of value and for me personally, the 2nd ‘M’ – having a mantra, is one I’ve taken away and added to my own well being routine.".  Participant testimonials

1 personalized DNA  report specific to diet and how your body processes foods (approx 70 pages ) emailed to you. The test includes results for:
--Diet Management: How your body burns fat, your sensitivity to carbohydrates and insulin, your cholesterol regulation, and your protein requirements to help determine your optimum diet
--Weight Response: Your body’s ability to control body mass index (BMI)
--Food Tolerances: Your tolerances to alcohol, caffeine, salt, lactose, gluten and sugar cravings
--Food Taste and Preferences: Your preference for caffeine, carbohydrates, fats and protein. Your taste ability for bitter, salt, sweet tastes, as well as smoking behavior
--Vitamins and Supplements: Your need for vitamins including vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin B9 (folate), vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E as well as your need for supplements such as Calcium, Iodine, Iron, Omega 3 and Omega 6 to stay healthy.your food tolerances, metabolism, vitamin requirements & biological processes

  • Healthy Lunches + Snacks: learn how to choose foods that will give you energy and focus throughout the day and after school
  • Healthy Skin: learn how to care for your skin from the inside out, using proper nutrition
  • "Girl Problems": learn how to use food to balance hormones and keep iron levels up during that time of the month
  • The Dangers of Dieting: learn about diet trends and how they can affect body image and mental health in the long and short term

The class is interactive and uses a variety of learning tools, wellness activities and more. Handouts provided.

Available in the lower mainland Vancouver. Contact me to bring this event into your space or event.

$225 + GST