"Thank you for showing us the tools we need on a daily basis. I never knew the power of meditation!

"Your presentation was full of solid info that is easy to action.  The 4 ‘M’s approach provided a lot of value and for me personally, the 2nd ‘M’ – having a mantra, is one I’ve taken away and added to my own well being routine.".  Participant testimonials

Vancouver Workplace Wellness Lunch n' Learns and Holistic Health Seminars

Not interested in set meal plans but you are looking for some daily accountability and inspiration? I work mostly with women over 40 in an ongoing program which includes:

  • an initial 30 minute phone call to chat about your goals, current diet, symptoms, lifestyle and health coaching needs
  • daily accountability check-ins via text to discuss diet and fitness plans for the day
  • support and ideas for meals and snacks that include the proper ingredients to suit your goals and health (this can change constantly as your hormones fluctuate, adrenals get overworked, you travel, you want to try a cleanse or re-set, or you're fighting a cold!)
  • healthy ingredient swaps for your favourite meals and snacks
  • links to hormone help, healthy recipes, wellness articles and fitness inspo 
  • ongoing re-evaluation of long and short term wellness goals
  • Still curious or ready to get started? Start by filling out this assessment form

Vancouver Corporate Workplace Wellness program// Lunch n' Learn about health and wellness in your Vancouver office
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Nutrition and wellness program to re-set digestion, create healthy habits, learn how to cook healthy meals, nutrition support

GET STARTED: Print a blank diet diary here to keep track of your meals, fitness, supplements, fluids and take note of your digestion after meals

ON SALE: $795 CAD + GST   (Reg $995)

Some health insurance plans cover Nutritionists or Nutrition Consulting Services by a Registered Nutritionist. You will be issued a receipt for this plan to submit to your insurance provider.

Want to bring a workshop or seminar into your space? 

$295 CAD + GST

"The recipes were a nice variety...the program was well laid out! I was mostly impressed with what you got for what you paid" a happy client.

"It was a pleasure having you here and everyone really enjoyed your workshops and cooking classes. You have a wonderful, kind and approachable manner that makes people feel comfortable." 
Tamara, Nutritionist at Inspire Health

"I am very impressed with your program. I always love trying ones - especially for new recipes but yours is very nicely put together - easy to read - just clean. I enjoy that." Stacey M.

"I must say, I really like the simplicity of the recipes and, of course, the nutritious ingredients."

​"Thank you for sharing these tools that so often get overlooked." Emilie

  • NUTRITION 101: THE BASICS: Confused about how food works in the body? We will go over how to read a nutrition label, how to combine foods for optimal digestion, essential nutrients to build balanced meals and more.
  • SETTING WELLNESS GOALS: Ever wonder why it's so hard to stick to those New Year resolutions? Let's define your wellness goal and break it down so it is realistic and attainable. Healthy, long term habits start here!
  • BOOSTING IMMUNITY THROUGH NUTRITION: Here, we discuss the different types of illnesses that hit the office, how to protect yourself and boost immunity, naturally, through nutrition.
  • BEYOND BAGELS: A HEALTHIER COFFEE BREAK: Make the most of your coffee breaks by learning which foods literally fuel your brain,  stretches that wake up your body, mindful exercises to ease stress and ways to rejuvenate without coffee and sugary snacks
  • FOOD FOR THOUGHT: What can you eat to optimize brain function? Learn about specific foods and supplements that enhance the structure of brain cells, lead to improved memory and performance. Plus, learn about which foods and lifestyle factors to avoid that can lead to cellular damage and memory loss. 
    Like this topic? Try our Ready-to-go Meal Plan + recipes for Brain Health
  • SAY NO TO SUGAR: Learn about the sugar addiction cycle, ways to beat it, and healthy alternatives to sugary snacks to fuel your brain and optimize energy through your work day.
  • NATURAL ENERGY BOOSTERS: Beat the mid-day slump by setting yourself up with the right breakfast and snacks. This class also allows for a 30min light exercise class, if space and schedule allows.

Oct 29/2019 @ Centre for Active Living, White Rock:

Boosting Immunity for the Winter Months

Book here

Nov 19/2019 @ Centre for Active Living, White Rock:

All About Anti-Inflammatory Foods

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Upcoming Events + Public Wellness Talks

This package gives you a solid foundation for setting sustainable habits and kickstarts a healthy lifestyle.


  • Initial 30 min phone call to discuss goals, current diet, lifestyle and health
  • 4 bi-weekly personalized meal plans with recipes (all suited to your wellness goals and dietary preferences)
  • 30 min weekly accountability check-ins via phone (also requires you to upload your diet diary and daily checklist that I create for you) for 8 weeks to review your meals, fitness, self care and progress
  • unlimited text/email for your questions, recipe links and more

Holistic Nutrition + Health Coaching, Wellness Seminars and More

Health coach for women over 40, available online or in Vancouver for accountability, healthy recipe ideas, daily inspiration

Some health insurance plans cover Nutritionists or Nutrition Consulting Services by a Registered Nutritionist. You will be issued a receipt for this plan to submit to your insurance provider.

The Kickstart: Consult plus 2 follow up sessions

You have test results from your healthcare practitioner, you know what needs to be done in order to reach your wellness goals, you just don't know where to start or how to get there.

This package consists of:

  • Session 1: an initial 30-45 minute phone call to discuss your intake form (emailed to you after purchase), wellness goals, current diet and lifestyle, symptoms, and lab results
  • Session 2: I present you with a "plan", suited to what your next steps will be. This will include a selection of healthy meal and snack ideas, recipes, lifestyle interventions and fitness recommendations, This happens over a 60 minute phone call and the plan will be emailed to you
  • Session 3: Usually happens a few weeks later. We check in with eachother to discuss any changes in symptoms, habits, diet, and steps moving forward. This happens over a 60 minute phone call

Healthy, Set, Go! The 8 Week personalized "all-in" package ~ available online in US/Canada & in-person in Vancouver

Next Bite Nutrition Coaching ~ Holistic Health + Wellness programs, meal plans, personal health coaching

Ongoing Health Coaching + Support

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Sept 13/2019 @ NexGen Hearing: 

Nutrition for Brain Health

Sept 25/2019 @ Safeway Women's Networking Group

Creativity + Innovation in Health and Wellness

$75/week by ongoing subscription that you can cancel anytime. Billed on a monthly basis.
Try your first month for $275

Studies have shown that a workplace wellness program can:

  • Reduce the number of absences
  • Improve productivity and performance
  • Build a happier workplace environment
  • Encourage teamwork, support and collaboration
  • Inspire employees to take better care of themselves while at work and off

All through learning the ins and outs of proper nutrition, stress reduction and health-boosting techniques that benefit the mind and body.

Below are the various topics that I can bring in to your office or event. These can be booked individually or as a 6 part series at a discounted rate. Some corporations I have presented my Workplace Wellness and Green Living seminars to are Inspire Health, Sterling Fence Co, UFCW union workers for Safeway Canada, Sobey's and Kroger Foods, Capilano Community Services Society, Yyoga Vancouver and Nature's Fare Markets. Contact me to book yours.

Feb 25/2020 @ Centre for Active Living, White Rock:

Eating Smart: Nutrition and Lifestyle for Brain Health

Registration opening soon

Mar 17/2020@ Centre for Active Living, White Rock:

Show Your Heart Some Love: Diet and Lifestyle Strategies for Cardiovascular Health

Registration opening soon