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A list of foods to include and avoid, links to healthy recipes and meal ideas, access to our private FB group, plus fitness inspo will be posted all challenge long.

Next challenge starts Nov 18/19

Join our Facebook group which is where we will be posting links to our favourite healthy recipes, you can ask questions, and get support from me and the other members. It is a private group, so request an invite and we will approve you!

Join us for a free nutrition and fitness challenge! Over 100 days, you are encouraged to:

  • eat real that makes your body feel good. We will provide a list of foods to avoid and include to make it easy
  • move your body daily, challenge yourself and mix it up. We will be posting workout ideas on the private FB group 
  • not think of this as a's a way to implement healthy eating habits and lifestyle. The only restrictive part is eliminating the pro-inflammatory foods and finding healthy swaps for them. You are still encouraged to eat all your faves, just learn how to switch some ingredients for healthier alternatives
  • post your journey on the private FB group or Instagram with your workout and meals to stay accountable (you'll get my feedback!) and help inspire others
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