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Next Bite Nutrition Coaching ~ Holistic Health + Wellness Concierge

Week 1:

  • What are plant-based proteins and their benefits?
  • Challenge: Eat 10 plant-based proteins in 7 days
  • More ways to make the "switch"
  • Some recipes to get you started
  • Printable "Guide to Plant-based Proteins"

Week 2:

  • Clean up your beauty products by learning about chemicals to avoid
  • Healthy ingredient swaps
  • DIY skin care recipes
  • A Natural Skin Care Challenge

Week 3:

  • Green your home by learning where chemicals hide
  • Common chemicals to avoid and their effects
  • How to clean up your air at home
  • Recipes for several natural cleaning products

Week 4:

  • Get up and move with several workout ideas (no gym required)
  • Ways to move when you are at work
  • Benefits of exercise beyond weight loss
  • Nutrition: What to eat before and after exercise for endurance, energy and recovery

2019 series dates:

  • Feb 18
  • May 6
  • July 8
  • Sep 16

$40 + tax

Next Bite Nutrition Coaching on Instagram

We will address questions like,

"There are so many chemicals in products these days.  How can I detox my home?"

"What does plant-based mean and what else can I eat besides salads and smoothies?"

"Should I be eating before I exercise?"

"What chemicals should I be looking out for in beauty products and why does it matter?"

$40 CAD + GST 

‚ÄčNext series starts May 6/19