Book a 1 hour wellness seminar for your staff. Motivate, encourage workplace wellness and overall health by learning about either or all in a 6 month series: 

  • Nutrition 101: Learn the basics of macronutrients, food combining, how to read a Nutrition Facts label and more
  • Goal Setting: Discover some tools to define your health + wellness goals, map out a plan of action, and build a list of "Healthy Swaps" to arm yourself against roadblocks.
  • Natural Home + Body : recognize common chemicals in your daily skin care and home products, and learn about natural alternatives. Includes some DIY recipes for at home
  • Eating for Glowing Skin: certain foods provide nutrients that help to boost collagen production, reduce inflammation and keep skin glowing from the inside out and  the outside in.  Learn about foods to use on your face, too!
  • Energy In The Workplace: learn about building balanced lunches and snacks to sustain energy throughout the day, discover meal prep ideas to make your mornings a little less stressed, and use movement for energy. 
  • Say No To Sugar: learn why sugar is your enemy. Discover ways to regulate blood sugar to reduce cravings. 
  • Immune Boost: learn about foods and herbs to help strengthen your immune system to reduce sick days at work.

 For more info, fill out the form below (Vancouver Lower Mainland only).  Wondering more about if a Workplace Wellness program is right for your office? Read more about it here 

"Mommy Brain. The Struggle is Real." Book

A Guide to Plant-based Proteins


 make a lifestyle change to improve your whole body, mind & spirit.  What will your next bite be?

Join Holistic Health + Nutrition Coach, Jen Casey,  in a hands-on,  DIY Skin Care Workshop. Learn how to eliminate chemicals and replace them with natural ingredients from your pantry. All supplies are included and you will leave with the products you make in class. Sign up to our newsletter to be informed of our next workshop or request info below. Some products we make are coffee + cocoa body scrub, rose infused face oil, herbal oat bath tea, herbal baby oil, natural home cleaning products, 

Jen is the creator of Canada's natural baby care line, Dimpleskins Naturals, and her "Food On Your Face" recipes have been featured on Global Morning News, Mind Body Green, and The Wall Street Journal.

​Contact me to bring a Food on Your Face workshop or Workplace Wellness Talk into your space

$1170 CAD per person. Available in Vancouver Lower Mainland only.


3 month Wellness and Nutrition Education Plan 

the struggle

Vancouver Corporate Wellness Talks / Lunch n' Learns

Nutrition after childbirth is of utmost importance, both for baby and mom. It is our nature to put ourselves last to take care of our new baby, we forget to eat, we sacrifice sleep and carry on like zombies. This Guide offers an outline of brain-boosting foods, healthy recipes, daily nutritional needs for post-partum and nursing mothers, tips on boosting energy, vitamins and minerals needed to heal your body in the months after birth, and holistic remedies for increasing milk production. Coming 2018.

2 Week Personalized Holistic Wellness Plan

 $225 CAD, per person. Available online or in-person. 

Includes everything as listed in the 2 week plan, plus

  • 1 hour in-person visits twice each month to review your diet diary, re-visit goals, and begin nutrition education sessions

  • includes extensive nutrition education. I want to see you succeed, so implementing a good base in nutrition education will set you on your way to developing, and keep, good eating habits so you can reach your goals

  • ​homework, accountability and regular checkins

  • A second personalized meal plan is included at the half way point, with your help! We will collaborate and build a balanced meal plan together with your new skills

"What I am very aware of now is to always look at what I put in my mouth and how it will benefit my health.", Client testimonial

A FREE, printable Guide to Plant-based Proteins. Clickhere

DIY Skin Care Workshops ~ as seen on Global News and The Wall Street Journal

New Book, coming 2018!

This plan will introduce you to a healthy lifestyle that is suited to you. I will work directly with you to reach your wellness goals and implement good eating habits, including meal prep ideas, food combining, detox, pre-pregnancy, postpartum health and nutrition 101 education. Once you have the tools, you will be able to get a grasp on your own wellness.

The plan includes:

  • goal setting, lifestyle and nutrition intake forms before our first visit (sent via email)

  • 1 hour visit in person (Vancouver only) or via Skype or Facetime to discuss your personalized wellness plan, created just for you 

  • nutrition 101 handouts to get you started, recipes, meal prep tips, blank diet diary for you to start thinking about building your own meals in the future

  • fitness and lifestyle recommendations to lead you toward reaching your goals and optimizing your health

  • personalized 1 week meal plan based on results of your nutrition + symptomatology analysis

  • 1 hour follow up visit in the second week to review your diet diary and your progress

  • Unlimited email support accountability check-ins​ during business hours during our 2 weeks together