Nutrition After Baby

Jan 22/18 1:30pm at The Juice Truck

28 W 5th Ave, Vancouver

I am guilty of it, too.  After the birth of our baby, us moms tend to put ourselves last.  We lack sleep, we forget to eat, we have no energy. It is during this time, especially if we are breastfeeding, that nutrition is key.

Join me for a free talk at The Juice Truck where we will go over caloric needs, foods to boost energy, boost milk production, and what you can eat to help balance out hormones.

  • Learn about chemicals commonly found in personal care and household products
  • Learn about natural alternatives using ingredients commonly found in your pantry
  • Learn how to make a natural, all-purpose citrus household cleaner

Supplies and recipes included. 

Jan 8, 10-11AM

Olive + Ruby Cafe

2839 W Broadway


Learn how to narrow in on your health goals and create a plan of action that works for you!

With a new year upon us, are you looking to get clear on your health goals? Have you thought about what those might be? In a few simple steps, you will redefine what health and wellness mean specifically to you, narrow it down and map out a plan of action. You will be working individually on your own goals with hands-on worksheets, in a group setting. Be prepared to dig deep and come out with clarity. Bring a pen and wear comfortable clothing.

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Register for our Natural Home + Body Workshop and start 2018 off clean.

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 make a lifestyle change to improve your whole body, mind & spirit.  What will your next bite be?

How to make your home and beauty products less toxic